We are experienced transmissions re-builders who took the best features & strengths of the top selling brands of torque converters, removed the flaws, and created a new state-of-the-art torque converter - the Dalenzie.

We take the time to correct problems because we are not a mass production facility. Dalenzie torque converters are the highest quality torque converters available on the market today. Here's a few reasons why:

Rebuilt by the people who use them.

Most high-volume converter companies take apart one torque converter every 2 minutes. This commonly results in integral damage when cut open too quickly on a lathe. Our machinists cut open all torque converters with great care to insure that the core remains intact.

After many miles and heat cycles, torque converters tend to lose their original shape. We re-machine all bearing and clutch surfaces to restore parrellism and perpendicularity.

High-pressure steam clean parts & all components thoroughly inspected.

Replace all bearings and any thrust washers that are available.

New clutch liners are installed with pressured heat - ensures good adhesion.

Hub plate perpendicularity to flex plate mounting surface identified as a common flaw with many re-manufacturers - ours are within .005 inch. Hub run outs are also less than .005 inch. Computer controlled robotic auto welder internal endplays are within .001 inch.

Pressure testing equipment ensures that no water is released back into the torque converter for a guaranteed leak-free product.

Computerized Hoffman balancer balances torque converters within 1 gram.

All stages of our torque converter remanufacturing have stricter standards than original factory production.

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